Instant onboarding of salespeople

Forget difficult LMS. Upload content, give your colleagues links, and keep track of their browsing progress. 

Instant onboarding of salespeople

Quickly introduce new products to your sellers

If you are a vendor or a head of sales, you know perfectly well how much effort you need to spend on training salespeople to work with a new product. At the same time, it's no secret to anyone - even when using advanced LMS, at first, sellers' knowledge about the product leaves much to be desired.


In order for the seller to thoroughly understand it, learn to present to the buyer his best and strengths, quickly and competently answer questions, time must pass.


The Roi4Presenter allows you to significantly speed up the onboarding process. To do this, you need to assemble and upload a training presentation to it.

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of employees are willing to change jobs to move to an organization that invests in staff training


of new information is forgotten within 48 hours, so training must be repeated regularly

Roi4Presenter is a unique feedback system. It can be configured in such a way that everyone who watches the presentation can use the “call the presenter” function, sending a one-click invitation to the presentation author to connect and answer questions that arose during the viewing.


At the same time, the author of the presentation can join the presentation on his own initiative - having received a message that someone has started watching the presentation, he can indicate his readiness to connect and help with the development of the material. Thus, the main drawback of the LMS series is completely eliminated - the lack of direct work of the “teacher” with the “students”.

Use Roi4Presenter to save your time and the time of your colleagues

Unique feedback system


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You don't have to run an onboarding presentation for every new salesperson, sales team, or business partner. It is enough to give a link to one already uploaded to Roi4Presenter.

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The author of the presentation can set it so that he can see the progress of everyone who connects to it.

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The presentation can be supplemented with scripts with tips and recommendations to sellers on product presentation, greatly simplifying the work process for the presenter and he will be able to work with the new product almost immediately.

In the FAQ section, you can link frequently asked questions to specific slides and a text response in the chat. Thanks to this, the seller, even if he is not very well versed in the new product, will be able to learn how to easily answer customer questions and keep at hand the techniques for dealing with typical objections.

Create and customize a presentation

Of course, these are not all features of Roi4Presenter. Learn more about how to create and customize a presentation here. If you have any additional questions, we will be happy to answer them.